Devastated singer Celine Dion was a picture of sadness as she escorted her elderly mother THERESE to the funeral of her beloved father ADHEMAR yesterday (04DEC03).

The MY HEART WILL GO ON star paused briefly to acknowledge over a hundred well-wishers who had congregated outside ST-SIMON AND JUDE Roman Catholic church in the small town of Charlemagne, Quebec to watch the funeral party arrive.

Dion had flown in to Canada for the ceremony earlier this week (03DEC03) after her father died at 80 of an unspecified but lengthy illness on Sunday (30NOV03). She was accompanied by her husband RENEE ANGELIL.

Adhemar was described by those who knew him as his daughter's "number one fan".

Canadian TV host MICHEL JASMIN says, "He was transformed when Celine stepped on the stage. He went from her father to a fan. It was incredible to watch. I saw it time and again."

05/12/2003 02:26