An intruder was arrested after he broke into Celine Dion's home to have a bath.

Daniel Bedard, 36, allegedly forced entry to the 'My Heart Will Go On' singer's Quebec mansion on Monday (05.09.11) by taking keys and a garage door opener from one of her husband Rene Angelil's unlocked cars, before having a snack and filling the tub with hot water.

Police spokesman Franco Di Genova said: "He saw one of Rene's vehicles that was there and unfortunately The Doors were not locked, the keys were in the ignition and there was also a garage door opener.

"He opened the water faucets, was pouring a nice warmish bath and he even managed to eat some pastry that was in the fridge."

Celine, Rene and their three children, 10-year-old son Rene-Charles and nine-month-old twins Eddy and Nelson were not at the Canadian home at the time of the incident.

The suspect triggered The Alarm and according to Di Genova, was shocked to find a swarm of police when he descended the stairs.

He added: "The suspect was coming down the big staircase and was asking, 'Hey, guys what are you doing here?' So the officers replied, 'What are you doing here?' and they proceeded to put him under arrest."

Mr. Bedard has been charged with breaking and entering, auto theft and causing damage to property and is due back in court on November 21.

The police spokesman admitted there was a similar incident at the mansion in 2009 although the suspect was stopped by security before entering the house.