Celine Dion has left three diehard fans in a state of shock by offering them 'special guest' tickets to an upcoming London gig - after taking pity on the luckless women.
The middle-aged British trio, Linda Sanders, Lyn Cochrane and Barbara Lake, had jetted out to Las Vegas in 2006 to catch Dion's Caesars Palace spectacular - only to discover the singer had pulled out of the performance at the last minute after falling ill.
Unperturbed, the ladies continued on their quest to see Dion live, and were convinced their ambitions had been realised last month (08) when they spent $1,080 (GBP540) on three tickets for her O2 arena concert on 6 May (08).
However, just days later, the website through which they bought their tickets went bust, but not before it had banked the women's hard-earned cash.
A local newspaper picked up on the Bournemouth, England, women's disaster-plagued plight, and the coverage soon came to the attention of Dion's U.K. publicists.
Lyn Cochrane says, "The Bournemouth Daily Echo asked if they could do a story, and that was it really. We thought, 'Oh, we'll just give up.' And then I got a phonecall saying that the PR of Celine Dion had phoned up (the Echo) to say she'd heard about what's going on, and she was really upset. And she invited us along to the show. I just can't believe that somebody like her would be interested in people like us! It's fantastic."