Celine Dion was determined to make the most of her meeting with Nelson Mandela in 2008 so she took classes to learn about South African history.
The singer eagerly anticipated her first visit with the country's former president, but feared she would embarrass herself by not knowing enough about South Africa's struggles and the Apartheid.
So she enrolled on a history course to prepare for the meeting.
Dion tells Larry King, "When we knew that we were going on this last tour, go to South Africa, started (sic) the tour there, almost two years ago now already. I knew that we were going to South Africa. And we hoped to meet with Mr. Mandela. And we did.
"And I wanted to take a little course - a history course before we left because I wanted to know about the Apartheid and I wanted to know how great of a hero he was. I wanted to know what he did better. And so I met with a teacher and I learned about (the history)... And so when I met with Mr. Mandela... It was such an impact to meet with him. What a hero. What a difference he made."
The meeting made such an impression on Dion, she decided to name one of her baby twins after Mandela.