Celine Dion's You has been picked as Hillary Clinton's campaign song for the forthcoming Democratic primaries.

After a public vote on the presidential nominee's website, it was announced that Dion's track had come out on top in a list which included two songs by Irish band U2.

The result was announced in a humorous video posted on Ms Clinton's campaign website which showed the former first lady and her husband Bill Clinton spoofing the final scene of the hit show The Sopranos.

In the video, former US president Clinton walks in to greet his wife, who is sitting at a table in a diner flicking through the song options.

Ms Clinton says there are "some good choices" before she presents her husband with a bowl of carrots and says "I'm looking out for you".

The former president then asks his wife what the winning song is and before she can play it on the juke box, the screen fades to black - just like in The Sopranos.

Ms Clinton has embraced the internet in her campaign to win the Democratic nomination for the presidential election in November 2008.

Anyone could vote for the campaign song or even suggest other options, but the Canadian singer Dion was the final favourite.

Ms Clinton faces her biggest challenge on the Democratic ticket from Barack Obama, a senator who has also used technology to raise funds and spread his message.

The first primary to take place is in New Hampshire and is scheduled to take place early next year.

20/06/2007 15:50:28