Canadian singer Celine Dion has returned to performing in Las Vegas, Nevada, after suffering from labyrinthitis - an inflammation of the inner ear which causes dizzyness and a loss of balance. The MY HEART WILL GO ON star refused to take medication prescribed by doctors, despite pulling out of six shows last month (APR06), because she feared the medicine would dry out her precious vocal cords - even though she was warned it could take her a year to recover. But Dion took a risk and returned to the stage this week (begs01MAY06) after a doctor noticed the jittery eye movements she was experiencing - which are linked to labyrinthitis - had ceased. Dion, who feels "95 per cent" better, says, "It's hard to do a show, but it's harder not to do it. "When you come back, you're afraid. You're scared and you're like, kind of ashamed. You're like, 'I'm sorry, you know?' "Then you talk to yourself and say, 'You're a human being, it can happen.'" The 38-year-old's run at the venue ends in 2007, when she will be replaced by Cher.