Celine Dion has refused to ever set foot on a red carpet again because she hates answering superficial questions about the clothes she is wearing. The superstar singer was savaged by the fashion police for wearing a backwards white Dior suit to the 1999 Oscars and has never truly recovered from the criticism. And now she tells style magazine W she insists on bypassing red carpets at events - so she doesn't have to talk about fashion. She says, "I just want to do music and perform for people who want to see me performing. "I don't want people to say to me, 'Are those diamonds yours? Did you borrow them?' I can pay for my own diamonds, and I don't need to wear the necklace of the year. "I don't need that s**t, so I don't want to walk on the red carpet. If nobody wants to dress me because they want publicity, well, I'm sorry." But Dion has won praise from some fashion designers - because she's one of the few stars who insists on buying whatever she wears. Gilles Mendel, who has become one of the singer's favourite designers, admits he can't remember ever lending her an outfit. He says, "It's really rare... She is really classy. It creates an independence, so she doesn't owe anything to anyone."