Celine Dion is glad Barack Obama will be the next U.S. President - despite providing the campaign song for his rival Hillary Clinton.
The My Heart Will Go On hitmaker's ballad You and I was used as the official track for Clinton's failed campaign to become the Democratic candidate for presidency this year (08).
But the Canadian-born singer insists she "wasn't bothered" that Clinton failed to win the race to the White House - because she believes Obama was the right choice to take over from George Bush.
She says, "I don't get too involved in politics. But I'm happy that Obama will be the President. I think he's extremely smart and the kind of leader that inspires people and gives people hope for better things in the world.
"Right now, it seems that this is very much needed in our lives. I wasn't bothered that a woman didn't get into the White House. The most important thing is that the right person is there. I think Obama is the right choice."