A woman convicted of trying to extort money from Celine Dion's husband has been sentenced to up to five years in prison by a Las Vegas, Nevada court.

YUN KYEONG KWON SUNG claimed RENE ANGELIL fondled her in a Las Vegas hotel in 2000.

Dion and Angelil paid Sung $2 million (GBP1.1 million) to drop the accusations in a bid to protect the singer's image.

But 49-year-old Sung contacted Angelil two years later, seeking more money, after accumulating gambling debts of almost $1 million (GBP526,315).

She was last year (04) convicted of demanding $13.5 million (GBP7.1 million) from Angelil, during a meeting between lawyers representing both parties in January 2003.

The meeting was secretly recorded by detectives and contained what prosecutors described as a threat to go to police with Sung's allegations against Angelil.

Sentencing Sung to a prison sentence of 28 months to five years on Thursday (13JAN05), JUDGE JACKIE GLASS told her, "You got $2 million and you wanted more. That's why you are standing here today."

Sung's lawyer, Robert Langford, vowed to appeal the sentence. Her husband AE HO KWON will go on trial next month (FEB05) facing similar charges.

16/01/2005 10:58