Canadian singer Celine Dion was furious when British TV presenter DERMOT O'LEARY interrupted her during a live broadcast of TV talent show The X Factor. The pop star launched into an in depth appraisal of every act's performance on the show broadcast in October (07) seconds before they were due to go to an advert break. So producers shouted into O'Leary's hidden earpiece and ordered him to stop her. O'Leary tells Heat magazine, "That was amazing. The thing was, she really wouldn't stop, and I had producers in my ear telling me that if she carried on naming every single act on the show and telling us what she thought of them, we'd fall off the air before we got to the actual results. "So I literally had to shut her up, and just had to say something. She has that very Quebecois stare! Her management weren't happy about it, so I was worried I was going to be bollocked. I said I'd apologise, but my bosses were like, 'No way. You were great with her!'"