Celine Dion is far from thrilled her son RENE CHARLES wants to dress up as Elvis Presley for a second year in a row for Halloween (31OCT) - and she blames broadcaster Larry King.

The French-Canadian singer is looking forward to enjoying her third Halloween with her three-year-old offspring, but she admits she often wishes he would develop a taste for another costume.

She says, "Larry King gave Rene Charles a little Elvis Presley outfit. We dressed him up. He was having such a great time with his little blonde hair.

"I said, 'This year, Rene Charles, what do you wanna be?' So we're looking at little magazines and (I said), 'What do you want? This one or this one?' He says, 'No, I wanna be Elvis Presley again.'

"He can't fit in the (original) outfit. He wants to be Elvis, we live in Vegas, do you feel for me? Can you imagine? Elvis Presley walking on the (Las Vegas) Strip again with Celine Dion. Oh, my God!"

19/10/2004 02:24