French-Canadian singer Celine Dion has been upstaged at a charity auction - by a mixed-breed puppy.

At a fundraiser held at California's prestigious BRENTWOOD SCHOOL, tickets were offered to see The MY HEART WILL GO ON star perform at Las Vegas' CAESAR'S PALACE - with a private plane to the gambling city, a limousine, drinks backstage with the singer and dinner at her hotel thrown in.

The dog was also part of the charity event - on sale to the highest bidder.

But the Dion package, which organisers hoped would raise $20,000 (GBP12,500), trickled in a measly and embarrassing $2,500 (GBP1,600) - while the pooch went home with a wealthy parent after $5,000 (GBP3,125) was paid out.

19/06/2003 09:09