Celine Dion can do her whole make-up look in ''30 minutes''.

The French-Canadian songstress is known for her flawless complexion and natural glow, however the star has revealed that during her long career, she has ''picked up'' tips and tricks from make-up artists she has worked with to make her routine simple and easy.

She told The Sunday Times' Style magazine: ''I've used a lot of make-up artists throughout my life and I've learnt from them, but I know my own face so well and I can do my whole look in 30 minutes, sometimes even 15.

''In the beginning I couldn't afford to have one, so I had to pick up other people's tricks, and that's when I realised I love doing it myself. My mum used to always do my hair and I would do my make-up, and since then I've just stuck with it.''

And the 51-year-old singer insisted that if she goes bare faced, she always keeps her hair in a signature chignon bun because it gives her a natural ''face lift''.

She added: ''There's one small rule: my hair has to be done. A chignon gives my face a nice lift.''

The 'Think Twice' hitmaker also explained that her go-to product in her kit is a ''creamy'' black kohl eyeliner that ''doesn't budge''.

She continued: ''A black kohl liner -- but it has to be a good one. So many make my eyes sensitive or are too dry and chalky. A creamy, long-lasting one gets my pick.

''Choose oil-based formulas. If it's water-based and I tear up, it will streak. If it's oil-based, it doesn't budge.''