LATEST: Celine Dion's manager husband RENE ANGELIL has been removed from an assault and sexual harassment case in Las Vegas, Nevada.

YUN KYEONG KWON SUNG filed a suit against Angelil, accusing him of fondling her in an elevator in March 2000.

The Canadian impresario was undergoing throat cancer treatment at the time and paid Sung $2 million (GBP1.3 million) to make her claims disappear.

But the case rumbled on, with Sung recently handing over a stained dress to police in a bid to prompt them to reinvestigate her claims - although Las Vegas authorities were far from impressed.

A spokesman says, "As far as Rene is concerned, he is no longer considered a suspect and it's no longer considered a sexual assault."

Angelil's lawyer DAVID CHESNOFF says, "The dress is probably some tactic by a defence lawyer trying to save his client from going to jail for attempted extortion."

Sung and her husband are now awaiting trial on extortion charges.

04/05/2003 20:52