British actress Celia Imrie has called for care homes in the U.K. to be abolished, insisting many dole out "ghastly" treatment to the elderly.
The Bridget Jones's Diary star worries for families who put their loved ones in the assisted-living facilities and is calling for an overhaul of the "grim" centres.
She tells Britain's Daily Express, "I think the treatment of the elderly in the U.K. is ghastly, I'm afraid. I don't think we have it right here at all. The Chinese, Indians and Italians respect their older people and look after them.
"Here they (the care system) seem to be wanting to spend all their (the elderly residents') money that they've worked for, which I find horrifying.
"I'll get in terrible trouble, and I say this because I've got two sisters who are nurses - I know nurses and those who run old people's homes work hard - but I think they're grim and they should all be abolished.
"I hate them. But I don't know what we should do, as we can't suddenly become Indian or Chinese, can we? It doesn't work like that."
Dame Judi Dench also recently spoke out about the standard of care homes in Britain, calling them "inhumane".