British actress Celia Imrie signed up for a U.K. TV drama to mark the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster after becoming "obsessed" by the doomed voyage.
Network chiefs at Itv are marking the centenary of the luxury liner's fateful maiden journey by filming a new adaptation of the story, starring Imrie and Linus Roache, which will be shown as a four-part dramatisation 100 years to the day of the journey.
Bridget Jones's Diary star Imrie has long held a fascination with the disaster, and she recently discovered a personal family link to the ship.
Speaking to Britain's The One Show host Alex Jones, she says, "We're both obsessed with it, aren't we? It's fascinating.
"I went to the O2 show, the exhibition, and on the boarding pass, believe it or not, is my name.
"So there's something I've got to check out about it, but Imrie is on the boarding pass - something to do with the buying of the ship in the very beginning, there's some sort of trace."
The drama, simply titled Titanic, will air in the U.K. in April (12).