The Celebrity Big Brother housemates have speculated over a possible romance between former pop stars Ben Adams and Michelle Heaton.

Talking in the bathroom LaToya Jackson asked Shameless actress Tina Malone if she had noticed whether two of the people in the house were "in love".

"They're afraid to say anything because of all the cameras," the Jackson sibling suggested.

"She is madly in love with him, more than he is for her," she added, before describing the way they share crisps as "really cute".

"I feel so bad, because I feel as if their bodies are fighting each other inside, and they can't do anything about it," LaToya continued.

Later in the diary room though, Ben told Big Brother he was not interested in splitting up someone else's relationship.

"I'd never do that, and I don't see Michelle like that, she's a nice girl, but there isn't an attraction with Michelle, it's more like a friendship," he said.

Talking with Michelle and Ulrika Jonsson later, Ben admitted to feeling awkward around Michelle due to the constant gossip.

12/01/2009 22:00:00