The former husband of Liza Minnelli was good friends with the late singer but now wishes he hadn't listened to all his advice. David went under the knife on two occasions in the 1980s and has previously admitted he would not have the operations if he could go back in time.

"My biggest regret in life is having surgery," he is quoted as saying by Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper. "But Michael said to me, 'Oh come on, it'll make you feel better'. So I had my face done and my nose made smaller. But that was it."

David was one of the stars who entered the U.K.'s Celebrity Big Brother house on Tuesday night (05Jan16), and it's likely he'll spice up the show with tales of his A-list pals. He's not averse to chatting about them, having already discussed who he's close to.

"I was always friends with Michael and Tito Jackson," he told the publication. "I'm friends with all sorts of footballers, and Kym Marsh is like a little sister to me. I'm friends with Liam Gallagher, too.

"I like Pete Doherty from The Libertines too. He's an amazing guy. I've lived such a different life, from the days of Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, Robert Mitchum, and someone whose name I can't remember - life is a cabaret, old chum!"