A chilli-eating task in the Celebrity Big Brother house has unexpectedly brought two adversaries closer together.

Former popstar Michelle Heaton said she looked more kindly on rapper rival Coolio after he chickened out of eating any more than one chilli.

Michelle, who later left the house in a surprise eviction, managed to eat the requisite three, winning their housemates a luxury meal.

"Right now, I've done better than Coolio," she said proudly, before fleeing to the bathroom clutching her stomach.

"I really don't feel good at all, I hate chillies," Michelle raved at Big Brother, before demanding some "hors d'oeuvres with diamonds on the top".

After temporarily recovering, Michelle explained how she had seen a softer side of Coolio.

"I think the fact that Coolio didn't do his second one, made me more determined to do it, in a weird way," she admitted.

"I think deep inside Coolio he's just a big teddy bear, and there's bits of that that I've seen, over the last couple of weeks. And I just wanted to… it wasn't really to prove anything to him, it was to myself really."

But later Michelle changed her tune again when she missed the luxury spread she had won; instead tucking herself into bed again clutching her stomach. Not even a Liberty X song blaring on the speakers could coax her out of bed.

"Youse are t***s, youse are t***s," Michelle said in response.

Elsewhere, ridiculous claims reigned in the Big Brother house.

First La Toya Jackson claimed she was "still a cop" after taking part in a law enforcement reality TV show in the states, while Coolio offered his musings on the apocalypse.

"No, we're coming to an end of an age," he said in a discussion about climate change with Tommy Sheridan. "The earth's being doing this for millenniums, brother."

20/01/2009 00:01:00