Cee Lo Green feels like a "bald-headed, black" version of Sir Elton John.

The 'Forget You' hitmaker loves dressing up in eccentric outfits in stage and enjoys the fact that his "peculiar" dress sense is now seen as cool.

He said in an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper: "People don't pay me to be normal. I'm natural, but I'm also super. I'm super-natural! When you combine those words, it gives things a new spin.

"People used to look at me in an odd way. Maybe I looked peculiar. But now I'm seen as being cool. Who'd have thought that would be the case? Who'd have thought Elton John could be reincarnated as a bald-headed black man?"

Elton, 63, started losing his hair when he was in his 20s and underwent several hair transplant procedures. He is now rumoured to wear a variety of wigs.

Cee Lo, 36, is enjoying his current mainstream success but insists he would never just churn out chart-friendly hits for the sake of it.

He said: "Soul-by-numbers isn't my thing. My thing is rocking, funky soul. But I'm now a pop star too, which is pretty remarkable."