Cee Lo Green brought a ''king size Boa constrictor'' along with him to 'The Voice' auditions.

The 39-year-old judge on the US version of the talent contest has had animals accompany him on set for previous shows including Purrfect, his Persian cat, and pink Moluccan cockatoo Lady, but his latest pet wasn't quite so well received leaving many of the crew scared.

During an appearance on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' on Wednesday night (25.09.13), he revealed: ''I actually had access to a bunch of animals so I tried something new and it didn't work. Everyone was afraid because I had a giant king size Boa constrictor.''

Host Jay interjected to ask: ''People were afraid?''

To which Cee Lo replied: ''They were very afraid!''

The 'Forget You' singer believes most, if not all of the scenes, with the snake will be edited out of the broadcast shows because the producers were not keen on the deadly reptile.

Cee Lo's friendly feline Purrfect was much more popular and the musician is surprised by the love people seem to have for his cat.

He explained: ''I didn't realise that people would get so attached to Purrfect the cat. There has been nowhere I have ever been in the last two years where people haven't asked me about Purrfect.

''I want to bring her back but I want to surprise people and try something new.''

Cee Lo is joined on the judging panel of 'The Voice' US by Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera - who is returning to the series like him.