Cedric The Entertainer has claimed racism is behind American TV network Fox's decision to axe his show.

The BARBERSHOP star debuted comedy sketch show CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER PRESENTS... earlier this year (03). It ranked top among African-Americans, but just 92nd in total.

He says, "I thought that my show never really had an opportunity to shine, especially when it doing so well amongst a certain demographic.

"Even when they cancelled the show, I never got a call. I got a call from like a third level executive who said the show was off. But when I was being courted, I talked to all the big guys."

And the funnyman, real name CEDRIC KYLES, stands by his charge of racism, explaining, "I don't regret the statement because that's where I stand on it. I was just making a statement about the world of television and that when any demographic of people enjoy something then that is a rude thing to do to. If something is your favourite thing, that's rude for somebody to come in and take it out of your house, basically."

But Fox dismisses the charges, saying, "The show was not the best vehicle for him. We would have him on our air tomorrow if we could find a proper showcase for his tremendous talents."

21/10/2003 09:09