Ratings for Conan O'Brien's Tonight show have declined each night since O'Brien took over the show last week. By Monday, only a tenth of a ratings point separated the Tonight Show from David Letterman's The Late Show. Meanwhile, the Hollywood Reporter has reported that Letterman's Worldwide Pants company has reached an agreement with CBS on a new contract that calls for a significant reduction in the fee the company receives for the program (although, as the New York Times pointed out today, "the reduced fee does not necessarily mean that Mr. Letterman himself will take a reduced salary." He reportedly earns about $32 million a year.) In the meantime, NBC said Tuesday that it plans to promote its upcoming The Jay Leno Show during its 10 00 p.m. programs every night throughout the summer. "From the moment he left The Tonight Show until the moment his new show starts, there won't be a day where Jay doesn't appear on NBC," NBC Universal TV Group Chief Marketing Officer John Miller told Daily Variety.