Verizon's FIOS service is taking advantage of the blackout of CBS programming on Time Warner Cable, the New York Daily News reported today (Thursday), citing industry sources. The company has seen a boost of 5-15 percent in various neighborhoods versus last year, presumably due to the dispute between CBS and Time Warner Cable over retransmission consent fees. Since Time Warner cut the cord on CBS [on Aug. 2], it's been a boom-town time for them, a cable executive told the Daily News. The Verizon service, however, is not available in all areas served by TWC and even where it is, TWC customers are finding it difficult to cancel their service, as complaints on Twitter would seem to indicate. The real test of the blackout will come in about two weeks when the U.S. Open, televised by CBS, begins, followed by Sunday afternoon football on Sept. 8. Meanwhile, a class-action lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles against TWC on Wednesday by customers seeking to be reimbursed for loss of CBS channels.