Two new films are due to hit the multiplex this weekend, one generating dreadful reviews; the other high praise. Guess which one tracking studies indicate will come out on top. The film is Identity Thief, in which Jason Bateman plays the victim of a con woman, played by Melissa McCarthy, who steals his credit cards and identity. Lousy reviews notwithstanding, it is expected to earn $25-30 million by the time the weekend ends. Several box office forecasters note that the film will be helped by the fact that McCarthy stars in Mike and Molly, a huge hit for CBS. And even in those crummy reviews, McCarthy comes out a winner. The film receiving the terrific comments is Steven Soderbergh's psychological thriller Side Effects. Soderbergh has said that the feature will close his career as a filmmaker. It is expected to earn no more than $10-15 million. All of those predictions, however, could be scotched by a winter storm that is threatening to clog roads and highways on the East Coast over the weekend.