A Californian rock band yesterday (12SEP06) won a preliminary injunction against producer MARK BURNETT and US TV network CBS, who have been told they must stop using the group's name SUPERNOVA for a band being formed on reality television show Rock Star: SUPERNOVA. Supernova are best known for contributing the song CHEWBACCA to the cult 1994 KEVIN SMITH movie CLERKS. They filed for an injunction in August (06) in the US District Court in San Diego, California after the collapse of settlement talks, which followed the June (06) filing of a lawsuit on the matter. Judge JOHN HOUSTON barred the TV band - comprising Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, Voivod bassist Jason Newsted, ex-GUNS N' ROSES guitarist GILBY CLARKE and an as-yet-unknown vocalist - from "performing rock and roll music, or recording, or selling rock and roll music recordings under the same (name), pending a trial of this action on its merits, or until otherwise ordered by the court". Rock Star: Supernova follows the success of ROCK STAR: Inxs, which saw the Australian band pluck JD FORTUNE from obscurity to replace late frontman Michael Hutchence. The band formed on Rock Star: Supernova is set to tour the US from to December 2006 to February 2007.