One year after Scott Pelley took over the anchor desk of the CBS Evening News from Katie Couric, the nightly newscast remains in third place among the three major networks, but it has gradually been increasing its total audience and especially those viewers in what advertisers regard as the all-important 25-54 age group. And, in an interview with the Associated Press on Wednesday, Pelley remarked, "I've got a lot of confidence that we're going to bring this broadcast to No. 1." He noted that his major goal has been to define a new direction for the newscast, not only to give viewers a sense that they will now be given a better understanding of the important events of the day but also to give the show's correspondents a specific orientation. "They needed to know where we were headed," Pelley told the AP's David Bauder, "and once we communicated that to them, they have performed magnificently."