NBC executives are continuing to defend the network and Jay Leno against remarks made by Conan O'Brien on CBS's 60 Minutes Sunday night but are doing so "on background," according to Chicago Sun-Times TV columnist Bill Zwecker. Zwecker said in today's (Friday) column that the responses, attributed to unnamed NBC sources, were instigated by Leno. Zwecker cited his own unnamed NBC source as saying that Leno had demanded "NBC blast statements Conan made that he felt were unfair, untrue -- or both." He added that that his NBC source told him, "Jay can't believe that a guy paid almost $40 million [to go away] can't at least keep things civil." However, Leno spokesman Bruce Bobbins denied that Leno was involved in the counterattack, saying, "Jay has very much moved on from that." However, such was not the case on Tuesday night when in his monologue, Leno talked about accused Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad's Facebook page, showing a supposed list of organizations that Shahzad belonged to. They included "Team Coco."