CBS Tv bosses are facing severe opposition from a number of angry musicians - a group of protesters have decided to boycott the network for continuing to broadcast the Grammy Awards.
Earlier this year (11) America's Recording Academy officials cut over 30 categories from the ceremony - including awards for Hawaiian music, Native American music and zydeco or Cajun - which were folded into the Single Regional Roots Music honour.
The major overhaul sparked rage from a number of artists who felt cheated by the shake-up, and now some are taking the matter into their own hands.
Bobby Sanabria, a Grammy-nominated Latin jazz musician, is leading a coalition which is planning to make things difficult for all Cbs shows.
He admits the group feels so "insulted" by the reduction of ethnic musical categories, they have decided to boycott Cbs for partnering with the Academy to air the prizegiving telecast.
He tells the Associated Press, "We will ask people to stop watching Cbs, boycott their sponsors and then write (to) them... We're at a critical juncture."