Bosses at U.S. Tv network CBS have come under fire for airing an episode of Melissa McCarthy's hit comedy series Mike & Molly which has offended members of the Native American community.

During a recent episode, MCCarthy's Tv mother-in-law Peggy, played by Rondi Reed, made a joke about Native Americans, quipping, "Arizona? Why would I move to Arizona? It's nothing but a furnace full of drunk Indians."

The gag has not been well received by officials of the Navajo Nation, a Native American-governed territory covering portions of northeastern Arizona, southeastern Utah and northwestern New Mexico, and they have demanded an apology from Cbs executives for the offensive remark, even though a representative for the community insists it could be too little too late.

The spokesperson tells, "For a show like this displaying us in a negative light is just unacceptable, they are taking a shot at the entire state of Arizona and its indigenous people.

"An apology would be the right thing to do, but some damage done can't be fixed in an apology."

The storyline in question aired in America last week (begs25Feb13).