Although CBS claimed in an FCC filing this week that complaints about an episode of Without a Trace were invalid because they all came via websites operated by the Parents Television Council and the American Family Association from people who had never seen the show, the scene in question had in fact been posted on the PTC website. In its filing, CBS asked the FCC to rescind its record indecency fine of $3.3 million, maintaining that "there were no true complainants from actual viewers." Viewed on the PTC website, the clip, which lasts about a minute, would seem to bolster the network's case that, contrary to claims that it depicts a teenage orgy, it shows no nudity, simulated sex, or offensive language. Moreover, it aired after 10:00 p.m. In its filing on Monday, CBS further observed that according to FCC rules, complaints must come from someone actually watching an offending show in the broadcast area of the station at issue. In a statement on Tuesday, L. Brent Bozell, who heads the PTC and the AFA, charged that CBS was engaging in "stupid legal maneuvers" and remarked, "Every complaint filed comes from a United States citizen who, last I heard, had the constitutional privilege to petition his government."