Bernard McGuirk, who notoriously exchanged hip-hop-like insults at the Rutgers women's basketball team with Don Imus during a broadcast that got them both fired earlier this month, uttered a faint apology Thursday, but then said that it would be "a horrible thing" if broadcast personalities are no longer able to "poke fun" at people. Appearing on Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes talk show, McGuirk, a producer and on-air contributor to Imus's now-canceled MSNBC and CBS Radio show, said that he and Imus had engaged in similar locker-room humor before without sparking protests -- and in fact had received praise from broadcast executives. He blamed the Rev. Al Sharpton for mounting the campaign that led to the firings. "It seemed like he terrorized broadcast executives," McGuirk said. "It seemed like they were in a fetal position under their desks sucking their thumbs on their Blackberrys, trying to coordinate their response."