Looks like Ted Mosby's kids will have to wait a little longer to find out how their parents met (and for us to find out just who mum is) as HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER has all but been given the green light for the filming of season 9 to take place.
Whilst nothing is yet official, and contract talks still believed to be in the preliminary stages still, it is thought that the prospect of a ninth season of the sitcom would be appealing enough to CBS/Fox Television to renew it without too much hassle.
Each of the cast members are more than likely follow the series into it's ninth season, regardless of how high their careers outside HIMYM are continuing to soar. Cobie Smulders, who plays Robin on the show, was recently seen co-starring in the box-office smash The Avengers, whilst Alyson Hannigan was last seen on the big screen resuming her role as Michelle in American Pie: The Reunion.
As for Marshal actor Jason Segel, I think it goes without say as to how well his career is going, with the actor being granted numerous staring roles and even helming his own screenplays - both of which have received applause all-round. Don't worry if you think he's heading for a premature exit though, as he assured fans earlier this year when he told reporters that he's definitely up for recording more seasons of the show, and wants to see it out until it's natural end.