The FCC said on Tuesday that it is engaged at the highest levels with representatives of CBS and Time Warner Cable in an effort to end the nearly month-long blackout of CBS programs on TWC systems resulting from a stand-off over retransmission-consent fees. In a statement, the regulator said that it is working to bring the impasse to an end for consumers and viewers in the affected markets, including New York, Los Angeles and Dallas. Beyond whatever powers of persuasion it may have, the commission has little authority to intervene in cable disputes, since its principal authority is limited to broadcasting. CBS's broadcasts remain unaffected by the dispute with TWC. Said the FCC on Tuesday: Our primary concern remains with consumers and viewers, and we are disappointed that the respective parties have yet to reach a retransmission agreement. We urge all parties to resolve this matter as quickly as possible so consumers can access the programming they rely on and are paying for.