Forget about the much ballyhooed $15 million a year that CBS agreed to pay Katie Couric to anchor the CBS Evening News. At least six other U.S. television personalities earn far more than that each year, according to Forbes magazine. The financial publication said Tuesday that the highest-paid TV personality is Simon Cowell, who earns $75 million on U.S. television alone. (Cowell also commutes to the U.K. each week for appearances on Britain's Got Talent. Pop Idol, and The X Factor .) The Apprentice host Donald Trump landed at No. 2 on the Forbes list with $50 million, followed by Ryan Seacrest with $35 million. Also earning more than Couric are Charlie Sheen ($21 million), Steve Carell ($20 million); and Howie Mandel ($15 million). (Couric does not appear on the Forbes list because her program does not air in primetime.)