CBS is maneuvering to buy ads on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC to promoteKatie Couric's takeover at the helm of the CBS Evening News.According to Advertising Age, the network is getting around the cable networks' restrictions preventing rival news networks frombuying time on one another's channels by buying time instead fromcable providers during cutaways reserved for local sales. Meanwhile,CBS is the only major TV news outlet not to have sent an anchor to the Middle East to cover the escalating hostilities there. On Monday,ABC's Charles Gibson scored an interview with Israeli Foreign MinisterTzipi Livni in Jerusalem, but it could just as well have beenconducted by satellite. NBC's Brian Williams, also in Israel, is not only anchoring NBC Nightly News from there, but also anchoringcoverage of the Mideast violence for MSNBC and contributing to theToday show, whose news reader, Ann Curry, was reportedly on her way to join him. Fox News Channel has sent Bill Hemmer and ShepardSmith to the area, while CNN's Anderson Cooper and Soledad O'Brienwere headed for Cyprus.