Claiming copyright infringement, CBS has asked a federal court in Los Angeles to block ABC's upcoming reality series Glass House , maintaining that it is a virtual "carbon copy" of its own successful series, Big Brother . The lawsuit further claims that the ABC show's producers, most of whom had worked on Big Brother , have breached nondisclosure agreements that they signed upon their departure. In fact, CBS observes, 19 former Big Brother staffers are involved in the production of Glass House. The suit further alleges trade-secret misappropriation, breach of contract and conspiracy. The ABC show is scheduled to debut on June 18. ABC issued a statement saying that the CBS lawsuit is without merit given "fundamental and obvious" differences between the two shows.

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As The Avengers continues to steamroll over the box office, it's likely to flatten The The latest Johnny Depp-Tim Burton collaboration, Dark Shadows -- a film that would otherwise have easily become the top ticket seller. Today's (Friday) Los Angeles Times s aid that it expects the opening of the movie to be "good but not great." That's bad news for Warner Bros. and Village Road Show, which reportedly put up $150-175 million to make the movie. Most pundits are predicting that it will open with around $35-40 million. But Daily Variety observed that even if The Avengers drops 55 percent, it will still earn $90 million, which would make it the highest earner for a second week ever. (The best second-week result is held by Avatar , which earned $75.6 million in 2009.)