CBS gave barely passing attention to New Orleans' post-Super Bowl celebrations Sunday night after the New Orleans Saints historic win over the Indianapolis Colts, a coverage choice roundly criticized by several publications While all of the city's TV stations were airing live pictures from Bourbon Street and other New Orleans landmarks, CBS carried only a few seconds of the revelry after the game. "Was that the best CBS had for us?" asked New York Times sports television columnist Richard Sandomir. After all, he wrote in today's (Monday) editions. "This was the team representing Hurricane Katrina survivors and the team that had not been to the Super Bowl in a lifetime dating to 1967. ... When CBS left Sun Life Stadium about 10 15 p.m. Eastern, it should have gone directly to the happy heart of New Orleans for 15 minutes." Live coverage of the festivities could be found -- as the Internet once again stole network television's thunder. WDSU-TV, the NBC affiliate in New Orleans, even asked viewers to post pictures and videos of their celebrations online.