CBS made the least amount of changes in the annual network reshuffle for the fall schedule, though it did make one significant move. The Ashton Kutcher starring 'Two and a Half Men' is moving from Mondays to Thursday, and will be paired with the hugely successful 'The Big Bang Theory' to form a "super comedy block", reports the Associated Press.
It could be a wise move by Cbs, given Kutcher is still trying to attract the kind of audiences Charlie Sheen did during his tenure on the show - the ever reliable Big Bang Theory should help its cause. Elsewhere, crime drama 'The Mentalist' is shifting from Thursdays to Sundays, though 'CSI: Miami', 'Unforgettable' and 'Rob' were all cancelled. Cbs Entertainment President Nina Tassler said, "We had just one goal, and that is to continue making hit shows". The minimal changes reflect the network's continuing dominance of U.S. television, and they will win the ratings race once again this season - this time by the largest margin between first and second for 23 years. The network did introduce a new show at its scheduling announcement - confirming that Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis will star in 'Vegas', about a Chicago gangster who moves to Sin City to create mischief but who falls under the watchful eye of a local detective.
'Elementary' will also be added to the Cbs stockpile of crime dramas, with Jonny Lee Miller playing Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu his assistant Watson.