CBS affiliates are agonising about airing hard-hitting Robert De Niro-hosted documentary 9/11, after CBS was slammed with a $550,000 (GBP305,000) fine in July (06) over Janet Jackson's 2004 Super Bowl 'wardrobe malfunction'. The US network were reprimanded by the Federal Complaints Commission for airing the blunder, and affiliates are keen to avoid the same fate over 9/11 - which may be replaced or delayed after TV bosses expressed concern over the use of bad language in the show. Nearly 12 have already stated they will not be showing the documentary, while others, including Sinclair Broadcasting, say they will delay it until after 10pm. However, CBS executive vice president MARTIN FRANKS is concerned "sanitising" the documentary will trivialise the horrors of the terrorist attacks in New York in 2001. The drama is based on a day in the life of a firefighter, attempting to tackle the chaos after the World Trade Centre was attacked. It has already been screened twice without any complaint. Franks says, "We don't think it's appropriate to sanitize the reality of the hell of September 11th. It shows the incredible stress that these heroes were under. "To sanitise it in some way robs it of the horror they faced." CBS will show the award-winning documentary on 11th September (06) from 8 pm to 10 pm, complete with uncensored swearing.