John Roberts, who quit CBS News to join CNN in 2007 after he was passed over for Katie Couric to replace Dan Rather as anchor of the CBS Evening News , is now heading for Fox News Channel after being replaced as co-anchor of CNN's American Morning . Daily Variety quoted FNC editorial exec Michael Clemente as saying that Roberts's "reputation as a skilled journalist with years of notable experience in the field will be a valuable addition to our news programming." In a controversial interview with New York magazine in 2007, Couric said that CBS chief Les Moonves originally offered her the news anchor job because he wanted the nightly newscast to become "more personable, more accessible, a little less formal, a little more approachable. That certainly is one of the things they found attractive in hiring me, otherwise they could have had John Roberts do the Evening News. " Film 1/3/11


Twentieth Century Fox may have had the biggest box office moneymaker of the year in Avatar. And Disney may have had No. 2 and 23 in Toy Story 3 and Alice in Wonderland , but Warner Bros. earned more money throughout the year than either of them, coming in as the box office champ for the third year in a row with $1.88 billion in domestic ticket sales, while Paramount placed second with $1.74 billion. As many box office observers had predicted, the total domestic gross from all studios for 2010 came in a tad lower than for 2009, declining 1.4 percent to $10.46 billion against 2009's record $10.61 billion. While many reports have noted that the box office was boosted considerably by 3D surcharges -- attendance was reportedly down to its lowest level since 1996 -- Daily Variety pointed out today (Tuesday) that Warners' and Paramount's biggest live-action hits were the 2D Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Iron Man 2 .