The Southern California wildfires have disrupted TV production of severalshows at a time when studios are running at full bore in anticipation of apossible writers' strike. The Santa Clarita Studios where such shows asNCIS and The Unit are filmed were said to be threatened by theflames and were receiving regular reports of evacuations in the area.However, production of 24, which shoots at converted aircraft hangarsin the former El Toro Naval Air Station near Irvine, had to delay productionafter authorities blocked roads leading to the site and smoke became sothick that even those who arrived early were forced to leave. Sets for CBS'Cold Case were blown down by the strong winds. Crew members living infire areas saw their commutes to production sites elsewhere lengthened,often by hours, due to clogged freeways and blocked roads. Several of themelected not to show up for work at all in case it became necessary toprotect their homes.