At least four 30-second commercials created by amateurs will be featured during the CBS telecast of Sunday's Super Bowl game, the Washington Post reported today (Wednesday). The newspaper observed that while some ad agencies may spend as much as $1 million to create a commercial that will air during the big game, a spot for Doritos created by a 22-year-old North Carolinian who recently opened a small ad firm with three buddies cost only $12.79. General Motors, the Post said, partnered with CBS to create a reality-show-like competition among five university video teams to develop a commercial for Chevrolet. "Consumer-generated ads, in the age of the Internet and YouTube, have truly come front and center," Ed Peper, manager of GM's Chevrolet division, told the Post. Meanwhile, Britain's Scotsman newspaper, reported that Time Warner Cable has purchased a video created by Aberdeen student James Provan and posted on YouTube for use as part of an ad campaign for the company's RoadRunner broadband service.