Catherine Zeta-Jones has been tipped to star in the big-screen version of classic TV show DALLAS - but producers are refusing to confirm Brad Pitt as her co-star.

The OSCAR-winning beauty will play wholesome PAMELA EWING in the Texan oil drama, which originally ran for 13 years from 1978.

Her OCEAN'S TWELVE co-star Pitt is also expected to join her on the movie, which begins filming later this year (05).

Screenwriter ROBERT HARLING says, "The story starts with Bobby and Pam meeting and getting married.

"It is reinventing the Ewing family as if they exist in 2006 when the movie comes out.

"We want to make a big, all-star, flashy, go-for-it version of the TV series."

27/03/2005 14:04