Movie actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has instructed her lawyers to stamp out media reports that credit her post-pregnancy weight loss to the controversial ATKINS DIET.

The INTOLERABLE CRUELTY star is upset her name has been linked with the anti-carbohydrate diet, and is worried fans who admire her may take it up.

Her lawyer JAY LAVELY says, "She never authorised the use of her name, likeness or persona in any way to endorse or promote the Atkins Diet.

"She is being made to look as if she is more concerned about her outward appearance than with serious health concerns.

"The diet has been derided by nutritionists and other health care officials for decades. Many doctors refer to the Atkins Diet as 'pseudo science'."

But ATKINS NUTRITIONALS INC. spokesman RICHARD ROTHSTEIN tells the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, "We have never solicited the support of any celebrities. It's not a Hollywood diet. "

11/11/2003 17:13