Movie beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones has failed in her bid to prevent a businessman from running his company close to her new home in Swansea, Wales.

The OSCAR winner was furious when she discovered STEVE GWYNN planned to run his telecommunications business near her lavish property, and had gained permission to use a garage which is situated on the same estate as her house.

In an effort to convince councillors to halt Mr Gwynn's plans, Catherine and husband Michael Douglas fired off an angry letter stating, "We bought the land on the clear understanding it would be private, prestigious, exclusive and safe."

They also argued that the business would bring unwanted traffic to the land, situated in the village of Mumbles.

But councilor DES THOMAS says, "If they wanted peace and security, why didn't they buy somewhere else in a place like Llandelio."

And following a protracted battle Gwynn - who pointed out that star-spotting tourists would bring more traffic to the area than his company - was granted a two year extension on his current contract.

19/03/2004 13:26