Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones dumped her longtime talent agent because she's jealous of the success of Nicole Kidman, according to movie insiders.

The Welsh stunner fired WILLIAM MORRIS agent GEORGE FREEMAN, who has represented her for 10 years, after husband Michael Douglas advised her to do so.

And Hollywood sources say Zeta-Jones made her move to rival agency CREATIVE ARTISTS AGENCY last week (ends06FEB04) because she's frustrated that Kidman gets first refusal, writes website PAGE SIX.

An insider says, "Nicole gets first look at every script. Catherine doesn't.

"Nicole and Catherine had very similar careers until Nicole's divorce from Tom Cruise. Then audiences found her sympathetic. No one finds Catherine a very sympathetic character or as likeable.

"It is shocking. George took this little-known British actress that no one cared about and made her into an OSCAR winner.

"She is an ungrateful diva who has not had a career misstep and it is inconceivable that she would screw George like this. He just got her $10 million (GBP5.6 million) for ZORRO II.

"A lot of this was Michael's doing. He pecked away at Catherine, saying, 'Why didn't you get this part? Why didn't you get that part?'"

But Zeta-Jones's spokesperson, CECE YORK, says, "It has only ever been my experience that Michael fully supports Catherine. He has his own projects.

"The reason Catherine left William Morris is between her and the agency. People change agencies - it happens all the time - and the Zorro deal has not been signed."

09/02/2004 16:56