Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones uses a webcam to stay in close contact with her husband Michael Douglas and their children whenever she's away from home.

The OCEAN'S TWELVE star insists internet technology is the best way to keep in touch with Douglas and her children CARYS, two, and DYLAN, five, when she's away working on a movie.

She says, "We always make the pact that if I'm working, he (Douglas) doesn't work, and vice versa.

"I'm on my webcam every night. I see them and speak to them at least three times a day. It's not the same as being with them but it helps so much.

"And I go back whenever I can. You have to be so organised.

"For me, scheduling is finding out when I can have those precious few days to go back to LA and just be a mum, to do nothing else and not think about anything else."