CHICAGO star Catherine Zeta-Jones is set to relive her childhood in Wales by producing a new comedy about a gay rugby club boss.

The actress, who grew up among rugby fanatics in her native Swansea, has teamed up with her brother DAVID, who runs movie studio Initial Entertainment, to tell the story of a homosexual thespian who takes over a ramshackle bunch of hookers, forwards and backs.

She explains, "It's called COMING OUT and it was born from me and my brother David sitting around reminiscing about Wales.

"It's about this guy who is in musical theatre, who is from a little town in Wales and he goes to London, like I did, to pursue musical theatre as a teenager and he's gay.

"His father dies and leaves him the local rugby club in his will. He's doing West Side Story and has to go back home and get all these fat, drinking, smoking Welsh guys into shape to win the rugby tournament."

But Zeta-Jones admits she's struggling to get the project off the ground: "It's hard to get the financing because I'm not starring in it. I just have a cameo role in it."