Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones didn't have to dig too deep to research her new movie project STOMPANATO - her husband and father-in-law were among the celebrity crowd caught up in the famous scandal.

Zeta-Jones is playing screen siren Lana Turner in the real-life murder scandal, which rocked Hollywood in 1958.

The story focuses on the death of gangster JOHNNY STOMPANATO at the hands of Turner's teenage daughter CRANE.

And Zeta-Jones has been given Hollywood history lessons as she gets ready for the role.

She says, "I'm fascinated about when my father-in-law (Kirk Douglas) tells all these stories because he was right there. My husband (Michael Douglas) was actually right there too when all that stuff went down because he went to school with Lana's daughter Crane.

"The stories are just unbelievable - all about going over to Frank Sinatra's house and in walks Lana and there's Ava Gardner. It's just like living a movie when you listen to them."